Sunday, February 15, 2009

I forgot!

Guess I forgot about my blog for awhile!! I am still fairly new to computers and to this blog too! So, I'm baaaaaaacccckkk! I have done a few pieces of art lately. I'm still very much into the art thing, maybe someday, I'll make enough time to do alot more, I hope so!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

ROFLMAO! & Be Creative Today!

I laughed so hard when I made the elves dance that tears were litterally rolling down my face. When Its your own family you'll see how funny it is, You can go and make your own! I hope it says where to on the video that you can click to go there, well if you can't it is, Try it out, you just need to upload pics of YOUR family and friends! I have made 2 cards this week, one I sewed a Christmas tree and the other was a birthday card for my aunt Pat, Ahhhhh, unfortunately I was slightly ill and was tired so I haven't mosaiced! OH MY, when I don't mosaic I can't stand it!!!!! I SIMPLY MUST MOSAIC, I have Christmas mosaics to do too! Okay, I'll get you those pics of my cards and then, I'll say goodnight! Ohhh, no, thats not the right one, I made it but it looked a bit on the modern side, so I remade it and liked it better, number two is the one I sent! the sewed one is not as dark as in the picture but you can see the design, I must get better at getting pictures! This one I scanned up on the printer and there is always a shadow on it! Ther it is! but, it also has a little bit of a shadow, well, you can see what I did the last few days anyways, as always, I hope that you have created something lately, you know, even if you have made someone smile, I think you have been creative! Did you make a good supper? YES! Creative, Even if you put a flower on the table, Signed you name in a flourish, it is being creative and being creative makes your life better, and makes you feel better about your life!!!!!!!! So, remember, BE CREATIEVE TODAY!!!!!!!!!! Louella


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Thursday, November 13, 2008

The other seeeeester!

This is the other seeeeeester checking in for a wednesday evening! Worked tonight on a Christmas card, I'm sewing a christmas tree in green thread and then I will sew on beads as ornaments tomorrow and then I can show you it! I am making a candle holder with stained glass and I'll show you a work in progress tomorrow as well, its very late and I am trying to deal with my insomnia tonight, and though, who can I talk to at this time of night? Well, my computer came to mind! Hope all who are reading this is well and happy, if not CALL ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Or at least email me!!!! I had a bad dream last night, there is someone whom is missing in my life that I need desperately to contact, but, how???? OH LORD, Please show me the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How how how??????? Remember, home is where the art is!, I love you with all my art!, and YOU ARE ALWAYS IN MY ART!!!!! and, Good night sweetart well, its time to go, la da da da daada!!

Sunday, November 9, 2008


I am sooo happy tonight, I finished up my mosaiced stained glass plate today! I am pleased with the results, my partner says it really looks like a stained glass window when put in the window!! Here's the pictures. You know, I can barely wait to get the next project started! What will it be now? Hmmm, a vase, or a frame or another plate maybe, I can't wait till the day when I start my first picture of something on a wooden base, a realistic picture!! Soon, very, very, soon! Thanks for looking! Louella P.S. You can see in the pictures the difference how it looks when put in the window, although its very hard to get a great picture of a mosaic, for instance there is a irridescent pinkish purpleish shine to the lower fan shaped flower in the right corner. Ahhh well, I am just so happy to be able to get pictures now! Okay, see ya later, Hi Jane, is that you?
Happy Birthday Sister Beth!! We all love you!! Louella