Thursday, November 13, 2008

The other seeeeester!

This is the other seeeeeester checking in for a wednesday evening! Worked tonight on a Christmas card, I'm sewing a christmas tree in green thread and then I will sew on beads as ornaments tomorrow and then I can show you it! I am making a candle holder with stained glass and I'll show you a work in progress tomorrow as well, its very late and I am trying to deal with my insomnia tonight, and though, who can I talk to at this time of night? Well, my computer came to mind! Hope all who are reading this is well and happy, if not CALL ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Or at least email me!!!! I had a bad dream last night, there is someone whom is missing in my life that I need desperately to contact, but, how???? OH LORD, Please show me the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How how how??????? Remember, home is where the art is!, I love you with all my art!, and YOU ARE ALWAYS IN MY ART!!!!! and, Good night sweetart well, its time to go, la da da da daada!!

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