Thursday, November 6, 2008

Hello again! I only had time to work a little on my plate today. Not too much happened today, it has been a quiet kind of day. So, I will put on some pictures now of some of my recent past! First though, since I just happen to have this I will put on the first picture I have of my art, I WAS 5 YEARS OLD! HAHA!
That was a long time ago! Lets see, it was, 46 years ago!! Funny the things we save isn't it? Let me go find a more recent one! Wouldn't want to bore anyone looking at my blog though but, like I said, its been a quiet day! A few mosaics, and my new computer, an altered CD, some of my mosaic frames, and lets see, maybe 2 more for today, that would be my mosaiced bowling ball! One of my favorites, and for the last and final addition for logging my art for today is a scrapbook page I did of my niece and my great niece!!! Okay! Now I want to go and see about adding on something fun to this blog!! I know there must be things I don't know about that will help to make it more interesting so I'm off and tomorrow I will be showing my progress on the microwave plate I have been working on!

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