Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Click-clack, nip-tick, clink, ahhhhhh

The sound of cutting the background to my new mosaic! And ahhhhhh finished!!! Now, I only have to glue the background in and then grout, Want to see it so far, its still ungrouted remember, but here it is!
And a few more close ups! There we go! Now you know what I have been doing. Also, I made a Christmas card for my group, it was a challenge with all the people making cards for the same sketch! What I need to do now is start saving up for a really good camera so I can get really good pictures!! Oh alright, since I am going to be trying to keep track here of art I make, I guess I will put on the card I made, although the pictures are blurry, I would like to remember it just the same! Lets go get it! Hey, I was able to clear it up a bit using Jasc photo shop! I'm learning a few things, another of my projects is learning how to use my computer, can't wait till I can actually make a slideshow with words and music too! I know my computer can do it, I just have to learn how. I wish you a wonderful evening and maybe some clicks and clacks of your own!

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