Friday, November 7, 2008

Half devil, half angel!!!!!!!

Yahooooo! I just glued the last blue piece of glass on my mosaic stained glass plate! Tomorrow I will grout it and then post the finished picture! Today I recieved some pictures from my niece Misty of her daughter on Halloween, its so darn cute I just have to put it on my blog, Here she is! Isn't she adorable!!!

What a costume, and aint it the truth!

What would YOU like to be on Hallowen? I always wished I could of been a ballarina so thats what I would be. Lets see, what do YOU want to be when you grow up? I always thought I would of been a good nurse, and now I also think, I should of been one of those people whe buy houses, fixes them up and then re-sells them, or an interior decorator, or a stager, staging houses for sale, I'd be good at those things, ahhhhh if only I had the energy! If only I was 10 years younger! I made some choices in my life that shouldn't have ever happened, but I am now trying to live a good life and be as good a person as I can be, and of course there is my art! And my family! How could I ever live without the understanding that I have recieved from them!!!! Soooooo, life goes on, does it not!!!

Okay, I have a question for all of you, how many of you are watching Jon and Kate plus 8? It is such a controvercial show! I personally love to watch them, I am getting to feeling like I know those people! And I love being around all of the kids, just wondered! Okay, to wind up the day, shall we have a few more pictures??? ALRIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!! AND AWAY WE GO.......... A few of my other beloved great niece both in 08 and 07! A few fish I painted, an altered letter L, Isn't that baby awesome? Its made out of that kind of sugar, marzipan or something like that , what they use to make flowers for wedding cakes! And lets see, I think I can come up with OOONNNEEE more! Okay? A Layout I did! I haven't made a layout in too long, that has just got to be my next project, If I don't do any paper arts for awhile I super duper start missing it! I HAVE TO DO MY ART, ITS MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!!! HAVE SWEET DREAMS ALL OF YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

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