Tuesday, November 18, 2008

ROFLMAO! & Be Creative Today!

I laughed so hard when I made the elves dance that tears were litterally rolling down my face. When Its your own family you'll see how funny it is, You can go and make your own! I hope it says where to on the video that you can click to go there, well if you can't it is, http://elfyourself.jibjab.com/ Try it out, you just need to upload pics of YOUR family and friends! I have made 2 cards this week, one I sewed a Christmas tree and the other was a birthday card for my aunt Pat, Ahhhhh, unfortunately I was slightly ill and was tired so I haven't mosaiced! OH MY, when I don't mosaic I can't stand it!!!!! I SIMPLY MUST MOSAIC, I have Christmas mosaics to do too! Okay, I'll get you those pics of my cards and then, I'll say goodnight! Ohhh, no, thats not the right one, I made it but it looked a bit on the modern side, so I remade it and liked it better, number two is the one I sent! the sewed one is not as dark as in the picture but you can see the design, I must get better at getting pictures! This one I scanned up on the printer and there is always a shadow on it! Ther it is! but, it also has a little bit of a shadow, well, you can see what I did the last few days anyways, as always, I hope that you have created something lately, you know, even if you have made someone smile, I think you have been creative! Did you make a good supper? YES! Creative, Even if you put a flower on the table, Signed you name in a flourish, it is being creative and being creative makes your life better, and makes you feel better about your life!!!!!!!! So, remember, BE CREATIEVE TODAY!!!!!!!!!! Louella

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Just Me said...

Your cards are wonderful. The work you put into the Christmas tree,I don't have the patience. Its beautiful.
I like the latest frame you did is really pretty.